Way more than glamping

September 1st, 2014

You know that we know glamping, but did you also know that we do way more than that?  Sure do.  If you need a hospitality consultant for your hotel, restaurant, motel, B&B or campground, we can help as much or as little as you’d like.

We can help you develop your business strategy, brand strategy and website.  Or, if you’ve got a website you quite like already, we can help you find your voice and tweak your copy as well as craft guest-facing communications like pre-arrival, post-stay and periodic e-mails.
We’re also extremely creative and can help you look the part with brochure, rack card, business card and ad design services.

If you’ve already set your tone with the right marketing, we can help you take your team to new heights.  We offer guest-centric training to help deliver the promise you’ve made to your guests.

If you’d like to explore our hospitality consulting services or glamping site startup support, drop us a line by completing our contact from below.  We’re a small shop that delivers big results.

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Hood River Glamping

June 29th, 2014

Ever been to Hood River, Oregon?  It’s a cool spot just a short drive from Portland, Olympia and Tacoma down the Columbia River Gorge known for its fruit loops, big winds and good brews.  Now, it’ll be known for Glamping!

We’ve partnered up with Vagabond Lodge and have launched Camp Vagabond Lodge.  As the name implies, this one’s a bit different for us – our almost world famous glamping tents are at a motel.

We’ve got two glamping tents at Camp Vagabond Lodge for the 2014 glamping season – Woods Camp and Eagle Camp.  Both are just a short walk away from the Vagabond Lodge motel rooms.  Enjoy the eye candy below and drop by WanderlustCamps.com or VagabondLodge.com for more!

Vagabond Lodge Hood River Glamping Multnomah Falls Vagabond Lodge Hood River Glamping View Vagabond Lodge Hood River GlampingWanderlust Glamping Eagle Camp Vagabond Lodge Hood River  Wanderlust Glamping Hood River Eagle Camp Vagabond Lodge Wanderlust Glamping Hood River Woods Camp Wanderlust Glamping Woods Camp View Vagabond Lodge


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Is glamping just a trend?

May 18th, 2014

We’ve been asked this time and time again and think it’s high time that we detail a few truths about glamping, fads and trends.

Truth #1:  a ‘Fad’ is not a ‘Trend’

Though sometimes these terms are used interchangeably, a ‘fad’ is not the same thing as a ‘trend.’  A ‘fad’ is a quick behavior while a ‘trend’ is something that evolves over time to become, usually, a permanent change.  A chia pet is a fad.  A new way to enjoy a holiday in the great outdoors is not.

Truth #2:  Glamping is a Trend

Glamping has been around for quite a while all over the world and is anything but a flash in the proverbial cast iron campfire pan.  Glamping is here to stay.  We’ve covered this before and now have even more data to back up our claim.  The 2013 American Camper Report Presented by the Coleman Company, Inc. and the Outdoor Foundation illustrates quite clearly that more people are leaving camping than are joining.  That translates to a churn rate of about 32%.

2013 Camping report
Are all the camping dropouts just staying inside at hotels?  Have they decided not to go on vacation?  Maybe, they’ve just found something better.  Maybe 13.6 million campers became 13.6 million glampers.  Regardless of where they’ve gone, 13.6 million folks stateside have demonstrated that they’ve lost interest in camping and are looking for something better.


Truth #3:  Glamping is Camping

Camping isn’t what it used to be but glamping is still camping – only better.  Go ahead, take the easy way out with us and give it a go first hand.  We’re committed to providing all of our guests an authentic, effortless and inspiring experience that lets the great outdoors shine while also giving you some really cushy digs in the wild.  We’re positive that, like the rest of our guests, you’ll relish in the spoils of camp all setup with nothing to do but soak in the great outdoors.


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Where did the name “Wanderlust” come from?

April 10th, 2014

The name Wanderlust didn’t come after a long search.  Choosing it wasn’t even a choice.  Wanderlust is just, us

Wanderlust Hospitality

Technically speaking, Wanderlust is a German word that means ‘desire for wandering.’  Specifically defined in English, ‘Wanderlust’ is a strong impulse or longing to travel.  While we fit the ‘longing to travel’ bill perfectly, we really long to reimagine and reinvent hospitality venues and the guest experience.

We’re all about making sure guests get everything they can out of their vacation experiences so we do all that we can to create experiences that are authentic, effortless and inspiring.  What’s that mean?


Every experience should include a surprise or two.


Everyone on our team wants our guests to have an unbelievable experience.  That means guests get to relax and have fun.


Guests feel like a million bucks just before, always during and especially after their experience with us.

If you own a campground, lodge, B&B or just some dirt and you’d like to up the ante by adding our glamping experiences to your mix, have a look here.  If you’re a future guest just looking for the easy way out and would like to enjoy one of our glamping experiences, check this site out.

Last but not least, if you’d just like to say hello or have a quick question, drop us a line or give us a ring.  We’d love to chat.

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Why we love glamping (and you should too)!

March 11th, 2014

The days are longer, the nights are brighter and we’re getting the itch to get outside.  When searching for an easy way out, there are plenty of options but none are as appealing as glamping.  Why do we love glamping?  We’re glad you asked.  Have a look at our top three reasons.

1.    Packing, schmackingWanderlust Glamping

When you to take the easy way out, you get to pack like you’re going to a hotel room because, that’s pretty much what you’ll get.  Forget the stakes, forget the fly and don’t even worry about the sleeping bags.  Pack your clothes, personal items, preferred beverages and the grub you’ll need.  That’s it.  You save plenty of time by not worrying about what you can’t forget to have fun.

2.    Setup???Wanderlust Glamping

Want to go fishing as soon as you get to camp?  Go!  When you go glamping, there’s a fully outfitted tent all setup and waiting for you.  Think of glamping like a hotel room smack in the middle of the great outdoors complete with a real mattress, fluffy comforter, linens, towels for the shower and in-tent amenities like bath soaps and a hot beverage basket.  You won’t have to setup and you won’t even think about tearing down.  You just check-in and check-out.

3.    Outdoors on display

Because you won’t have to worry about packing or setting up camp, you’ll get to actually have some fun.  You’ll get to hike, bike, kayak, cast, climb and relax to your heart’s content.  When you go glamping, you get to get into the outdoors and leave all the stress of normal camping way behind.

Wanderlust Camps Glamping KayakingWanderlust Camps GlampingWanderlust Camps Glamping


Besides the best way to get outside in style, glamping is an exciting business opportunity with plenty of upside.  If you’d like to learn more about what it takes to serve up an easy outdoors, then give us a ring or drop us a line.  Your guests will love glamping and you will too.

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The Top Three Misconceptions about Glamping

February 16th, 2014

While we haven’t heard it all, we’ve certainly heard our fair share of interesting interpretations of the word ‘glamping’ that don’t quite line up with the truth about the sort of outdoors we serve up.  Because of that, we’ve compiled our top three misconceptions about glamping.  Of course, just like customary camping, glamping isn’t for everyone… but it sure could be.


1.  Glamping is only for my rich uncle

Not so; glamping is more accessible and affordable than ever.


Wanderlust Camps Glamping

We concede that glamping will set you back more than traditional camping, but when you look at glamping compared to other accommodation options like hotels, glamping experiences are generally close to or less than the price of a good three star hotel room depending.

Of course, just like with hotels and regular camping sites, there’s a range of price points from economy to super luxurious.

2.  Glamping is not camping

We take this one personally, of course it’s camping.  Some might even say it’s a better camping.


Wanderlust Camps Glamping

Everyone camps differently.  Some folks backpack, some car camp, others drive a big rig with a flat screen and some like to enjoy at an outfitted tent all setup for them.  In each of these scenarios, folks are getting away from their everyday and enjoying their own sort of adventure the way they choose.  Specific to Wanderlust’s brand of Glamping, we take great pride in delivering authentic, effortless and inspiring experiences that help you deal with Mother Nature on your own terms.

So, while glamping isn’t for everyone, glamping is still everything camping is.

3.  Glamping takes you away from nature

Not even close – it frees you up to dig in to nature.


Wanderlust Camps Glamping

Glamping gets you closer to nature and arguably gives you more time to get out and have more fun.  Just think of the miles you could hike, fish you could catch, meals you could make and conversations you could have if you spent less time gearing up, setting up and cleaning up!



Here’s our disclaimer on all of the above:  your glamping experience will vary by provider.  Wanderlust serves up authentic, effortless and inspiring experiences that help you take the easy way out.  If you’re into that, drop by our other basecamp at www.WanderlustCamps.com to find the spot that’s right for you!

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What’s the big idea?

December 10th, 2013

We enjoy chatting with folks about glamping.  Because it’s relatively new and undeveloped in the states, most people still don’t know quite what to expect when they set out on a luxury camping adventure.  Well, we’re out to change that.  If you go glamping with us, you can count on authentic, effortless and inspiring adventures that let you get wild in style.

Glamping Washington State
That’s our big idea – to bring the comforts commonly associated with a hotel to a campsite near you.  An endeavor like this takes plenty of know-how, plenty of elbow-grease and plenty of sophistication.  Every now and again, sophisticating the great outdoors meets opposition and the whole ‘what’s the big idea?’ question is asked with the hint of an attacking tone.

Fair enough.  We know that glamping isn’t for everybody but we also know that glamping is for more people than you’d think.  Because our experiences go to great lengths to compliment and not compete with the natural backdrops we select, Wanderlust glamping experiences satisfy thoseWanderlust Glamping looking for real deal camping and also take care of those who never thought they’d go camping – and enjoy it.

Considering the latter, we’ve set out to get more people outdoors understanding and stewarding inspiring resources.  The facts don’t lie; over the past few years, the camping audience has shrunk.  More people are dropping out of camping than are opting in.  We firmly believe that’s just because consumer tastes, preferences and expectations have evolved while outdoor offerings have not.

Here’s our offer:  if you’ve got some land, a ranch, a restaurant, a vineyard, a campground, a lodge or a B&B that needs a facelift, we’ll work with you to see if glamping’s the answer.  Give us a ring or drop us a line.


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Ten Thousand Hours

November 10th, 2013

It takes a long time to get to 10,000 hours.  If you worked 40 hours a week for a year, you’d get up to just about 2,000 hours a year.  At 2,000 hours a year, you’d need ten years to accumulate 10,000 hours.

That’s a long time.

What’s the significance of 10,000 hours?  It’s the generally accepted benchmark for expert proficiency of most trades or skills. Musicians, artists, computer programmers and on and on all seem to really get their craft dialed in just about the time they hit the 10,000 hour mark.

Have you got 10,000 hours we can borrow?

If you don’t, you’re in luck because we’ve got some you can borrow.  If you’re thinking of launching a unique hospitality venue and you haven’t got 10,000 hours tallied in the hospitality world, you’ll be in for quite a learning curve. Learning curves are expensive and avoidable.
Put our expertise to work for you.  Give us a ring, drop us a line or find out more about what we do.  We can help drive your success and vision efficiently. Have a look at what we’ve done and don’t hesitate to let us know how we might be of service to you.

“Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good.”
― Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers: The Story of Success

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Think Outside the Room

October 20th, 2013

Hotels, motels, B&B’s, inns, resorts and campgrounds all satiate our basic needs while we’re away from home:  physiological, safety and belonging.  Most offer the facilities we need to feel good about our visit – a place to eat, a place to sleep, a place to relax, a place to wash up, and on and on.  So why do we prefer one venue over another?

Because of the stuff that’s outside the room:  a venue’s voice, cost of switching and room for dessert.Voice

A venue’s voice is generally loud and clear, for better or for worse.  Either we get it and want more or don’t get it and move on.  A voice is easy to recognize and sets a tone that conjures up the imagery its target audience will grab ahold of.  The voice, if it’s good, will tell us everything we want to hear every step of the way regardless of where we hear it – social media outlets, primary web pages, online travel agencies, our first phone contact, e-mail and maybe even a tweet.

How we feel about a venue’s voice will determine whether or not we calculate the cost of signing up for a night or two.

We determine the ‘cost of switching’ every day for almost everything.  The cost of switching is simply what we’d give up to go from Option A to Option B.  Maybe it’s money, maybe it’s a feeling, maybe it’s a tradition or maybe it’s time.  Either way, there’s got to be a compelling reason (a voice) for us to give up that motel that’s reasonably priced, close to home and a tradition every year when you go south for that resort that costs a bit more money and time and is more uncomfortable because it’s new.

We’re only willing to give something up for something else (the cost of switching) if we think there’s something more out there for us – room for dessert.

If you’re sold on the voice and comfortable with the cost, then there had better be room for ‘dessert.’  Dessert, in this exercise, may be more of what you just experienced or maybe it’s a taste of something you didn’t even know a venue offered like a spa you’ve just got to experience next go around or the happy hour everyone within fifty square miles goes to.  Whatever the dessert is, you’ll only be interested in it if you were sold on the voice and all in on the cost of switching.

What does any of this have to do with glamping?  Everything.  Though glamping venues are far more unique than hotels, motels, B&B’s, inns, resorts and campgrounds, glamping venues still need to think outside the room.  Even differentiated products need a strong voice, a reasonable cost of switching and room for dessert.

Glamping Tent

If you need to find your voice, would like some help crunching those cost of switching numbers or just want to know what’s for dessert – we’re your guide.  We can get you the places you’ve always wanted to go with the guests who have always wanted to be there.

Ring 877-589-3226 or drop us a line to info@wanderlusthospitality.com if you’d like to explore how we can guide your vision.

Wanderlust Hospitality


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Glamping: Why this camping trend is here to stay

September 15th, 2013

We’ve seen many camping trends come and go over the years but none have been so determined to stick around than ‘glamping’.

Many people try camping once or twice but are put off by the lack of facilities, creepy crawlies and leaky tents, so they return home disappointed and devoid of motivation to ever return again.

But this does not remove the inherent desire that most people have to stay in our great outdoors, soaking up the atmosphere and absorbing the fresh air.

As humans we would not have spread across the globe if we hadn’t been compelled to travel from place to place. As a result, we have had to become travelers, adventurers and campers to survive. Similar to how a salmon swims up stream to reach its spawning grounds, we feel an equally powerful desire to get on the road and begin more outdoor adventures.

Basically we are all prehistorically hardwired to want to go camping whether we want to or not.

Added to this is the fact that traveling abroad or staying in the comfort of a hotel isn’t what it used to be. Volcanic ash clouds and terrorist threats interrupt flights, while hotels have become crowded, over heated and tedious, with very little about the experience that doesn’t cost the earth… both financially and environmentally.

Finally adventure seekers are realising it does not have to be that way, and now there is an alternative.

Moran Inside 750

Glamping, also referred to as boutique camping, has all the advantages that camping can offer except it comes with the type of equipment we have all come to expect from those high quality hotels. The things glampers expect are: lighting, real beds, real linens, and sometimes even private bathrooms. By providing these facilities glamping has opened up the camping experience to the mainstream who have been dissatisfied with it until now. It has also opened up the season as glamping sites are now equipped with heat and shelter solutions to keep even the most discerning traveller satisfied throughout the year.

As a result glamping is really catching on and making our vacations more cost effective, which in this economic climate is essential… especially for families. This means that holidaymakers can get away more frequently with the family, for longer stays and without the need for a perfect weather window. This is good for holidaymakers and good for the outdoor industry.

Moran Looking out 750In America, the National Geographic has recently reported that:

“outdoor recreation contributes $646 billion annually to the U.S. economy and supports 6.1 million jobs. Since the 1960s, the outdoor industry has grown into an economic powerhouse, relying on the public lands legacy of the 1960s and early 1970s. If the outdoor industry has managed to grow, despite waning federal funding and commitment to outdoor places and outdoor recreation, it kind of makes you wonder how huge outdoor recreation would be if the outdoor industry and government worked together to promote it.”

As a result…

“The Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) is working hard to convince our nation’s leaders that it’s time to start prioritizing the management of our outdoor recreation resources. Why? Because they bring significant economic benefits and long-lasting jobs to communities throughout the country.”

So with the new glamping craze opening up the mainstream customer markets to the idea of going camping and glamping, and the political arena supporting outdoor industries, now seems to be just the right time to get involved.

About the author:

Sarah Riley is a keen participant of glamping and camping and founder of Inspired Camping; a free online magazine full of tips, tricks and ideas about the good life outdoors and luxury boutique camping in the UK, US and beyond.

If you’re thinking of launching a glamping spot, tell us all about it here or drop us a line.  We’ll help you go from dirt to destination.

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